About us

SuperCool Asia Pacific is a member of the SuperCool Group which is a diversified collection of companies manufacturing and supplying components and temperature related solutions to the cold chain industry. Other activities include transport refrigeration testing and monitoring, compressor design and manufacture, mobile air-conditioning tools and equipment and refrigeration hoses and connections. 

The SuperSense Smart Solutions range of products has been developed by a dedicated team at SuperCool to provide solutions to the cold chain industry for the purpose of improving standards and practices for the transport and storage of refrigerated food products.

All members are dedicated to the company mission of providing advanced and innovative solutions to the cold chain industry, and support the SuperCool Group's food waste initiative to help combat unnecessary food waste and loss.


SuperCool team members

Mark Mitchell

Managing Director

Dr Hanan Hamid

Head of Scientific and Technical Services

Amir Jahangiri

Head of Engineering

Jon Mitchell

General Manager

René Le Miere

Business Manager

Ben Burgess

Sales & Operations Manager - Monitoring solutions

Daniel Drennan

Internal Sales and Operations Manager

Nicholas Fritzkowski

Software Developer