Air Sensors - NTC


SuperSense NTC air sensors are designed to withstand the challenging conditions of cold chain transport and food cold storage applications. High quality features and durability of the sensors is achieved by manufacturing to ISO9001, ISO94001 and IATF6949 standards. SuperSense air sensors are well known in the marketplace for long lasting and superior performance in adverse conditions, or in applications where maintaining accuracy is paramount.



The NTC thermistor is protected by a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) molding which is encapsulated with an upper metal housing (the tip) and back filled with polyurethane resin. The lower section is also sealed with TPE to IP68 standards to ensure the highest resistance to moisture and contaminates.

No-load resistance at 25˚C: 2 252 Ω
Tolerances from 0˚C to 70˚C: ± 0.2˚C
Beta (25/85) Constant: 3 977K ±1%
Operating temperature range: from -40˚C to 105˚C
Protection: IP 68
Type of insulation: double

Part numbers

Part number Description Markings*
SAS-001-005225K temp sensor 0.5m in metal head 70˚C 12-00587-09
SAS-002-06225K temp sensor 6m in metal head 70˚C 12-00587-10
SAS-003-15225K temp sensor 15m in metal head 70˚C 12-00587-11
SAS-004-22225K temp sensor 22m in metal head 70˚C 12-00587-12

*Individual serial number for each type, for example:
1839000041/0.5MTR, 1839000041/6MTR, 1839000041/15MTR, 1839000041/22MTR

Temperature and resistance values

Part numbers shown on this fact sheet are common air sensors with NTC resistance value of 2250 ohms at 25 degrees, however air sensors with alternative resistance values are available in both NTC and PTC configuration upon request. Other example common values are 1000 ohms @ 25˚C or 10000 ohms @25˚C.