SuperSense SMARTprobe is a food product temperature device that eliminates the necessity to insert temperature sensors and thermometers into chilled or frozen goods for the purpose of measuring core temperature information. It is a quick plug-in hardware device suitable for connection to most leading temperature monitoring systems without the need for additional software and can be calibrated to suit a wide range of food products.

SMARTprobe™ Benefits

  • Replaces the traditional bayonet probes and data loggers which can be inaccurate due to mis-alignment and vibration during transport
  • Eliminates the necessity to insert probes into products during compliance checks and audits
  • Connects to most temperature monitoring systems
  • No battery, no WIFI and no Bluetooth
  • A time-saving solution for transport managers, loading dock personnel and drivers
  • Reduces risk of food rejection
  • Makes recording temperatures easier than other methods
  • Saves money
  • Saves food
  • Can be mounted in different configurations
  • Custom colours available

SMARTprobe™ Connection

Continuous data and third party compatible.


How to use SMARTprobe™

SMARTprobe™ Process

SMARTprobe™ mounting options