SuperSense SMARTware™ is an essential planning tool for any food company operating in the cold chain. When transporting, shipping and warehousing food products under refrigeration, it is important to have a process that identifies the control and critical control points in the relative cold chain process. SMARTware™ allows companies to input known or predicted temperature information from these points to calculate the temperature of a food product at any nominated time.

SMARTware™ can also be used by companies planning to bring a new chilled product to market. The knowledge provided by SMARTware™ will assist manufacturers and packagers to provide accurate recommendations for the handling and packaging of new products in the cold chain.

Auditors and quality control personnel can also benefit from SMARTware™ which can be used to analyse food product temperatures across critical control points, such as in loading docks or situations where there may not be proper refrigeration. This analysis can provide sufficient information to identify risks and safety breaches from temperature abuse, or alternatively provide positive information to confirm a compliant cold chain process.

Benefits at a glance

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